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Sealing a Stamped Concrete Driveway

CSI specializes in the cleaning and sealing of concrete driveways. This includes decorative concrete, such as; stamped concrete, exposed aggregate driveways. To do it right can be a hassle for inexperienced contractors or DIY homeowners, resulting in a very unpleasant appearance that in mosrly all cases cannot be undone and takes years 4-7 years for it to wear off depending on the type of sealer and amount applied.


Unlike most, we properly clean and degrease the stamped concrete driveway surface, treat (if applicable) prior to applying the right type of quality sealer for your stamped or exposed aggregate concrete sealer on the concrete driveway surface.


Conventional (regular) concrete surfaces require a different type of sealer designed for concrete driveways. We pride ourselves on saying, "this is what we do!' Please visit our stamped concrete reviews-testimonials page.

Photos of Sealed Concrete Driveways 

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