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Sealing a Stamped Concrete Swimming Pool Deck - Patio - Driveway - Walkway​

Seal & protect your stamped

concrete pool deck​​


At Concrete Sealing Innovation/ Bristol County Sealing Company, we properly clean your stamped concrete project, before applying a quality stamped concrete sealer.

We utilize equipment, that provides a uniform pool deck cleaning application, coupled with an eco - friendly concrete pool surface cleaning agent, which is harmless to any vegetation or other items.

Additionally, we treat the surface, if needed prior to applying a top quality sealant, thereby, increasing the the appearance and  longevity. See the concrete sealing photo below, Before and after photo.

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Stamped Concrete Sealants

There are a variety of sealers-sealants with different purposes and uses.


Acrylics can be used in a variety of scenarios, but stamped concrete pool deck cleaning is very important, prior to being sealed with quality acrylic sealer.

However, concrete sealers vary in quality, and can have a wide range in pricing, for a five gallon container.


Sealers like many other products, are made differently and in most cases, price is a function of the sealers quality make up. Cheap is not the way to go, as it will cost you a lot of money in the future to rectify the issues that result from substandard sealers.

Sealing a Stamped Concrete Driveway


Stamped concrete driveways are truly a challenge to clean, and therefore, are usually in tough shape, when we see them for the first time.


Surface cleaning and preparation, prior to the application of the sealer, on the concrete driveway surface area, is crucial.

Selecting the right type of sealant is very important, because you can permanently damage your surfaces appearance and restoration in most cases, is not possible.

​Again, you get what you pay for. The is especially true, when a stamped concrete driveway is sealed over and has not been properly cleaned.

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